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Google search console – keyword tool Google Searchfor website and e-shop owners who want to optimize their website and increase visibility. This powerful tool offers users access to information such as indexing status, search volumes, the page and Google indexing errors (for example, something is wrong on mobile, a link gives an error, etc.) -, for any website or e- store success. Your e-shop often depends on the SEO performance you have set up (if you have thought about search engine optimization at all). If the customer is already searching for something on Google, he is also a much more reliable buyer.

keywords use to reach

Often a lot of emphasis is place on SEO , a lot of content is written (here, too, we can ask, do you consistently write content?) but it is left unconfigure and unchecke to see how your page appears in searches. Are there any errors that Google Search database console detects or suggests? Receive all errors and problems directly to your email for quick response. Blog and articles section, to eucate the customer write a blog, eucate the client Add a blog and write articles – train the customer and the sale will come eucate your customer, offer them value, “sell” to them before you actually sell.


Console is an indispensable tool

This is one of the surest ways to increase the traffic and number of visitors to your e-store, and through it also increase purchases. Show yourself as an EO Leads expert and you don’t have to worry about not selling. Secondly, by writing content, you will come up with many keywords that you wouldn’t have come up with yourself – and believe us, people search for products and services and information in general on the web through a wide variety of search phrases.

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