Ethics Guide to Sending Emails Professionally

Sending emails in good manners is important in the professional world. Professional email etiquette involves using the right email address, a clear subject line, formal language, an organized structure, and including relevant information.

By following these ethical guidelines, you can enhance your professional impression, maintain good business relationships and avoid misunderstandings. Remember that electronic communications can go a long way, so always exercise caution in every email you send. Do you want to have a professional email address with a custom domain for your business? Email Hosting is the right solution!

Write in Formal and Straightforward Language

The second guide to good email etiquette is Malaysia Phone Number List the use of language. Use professional language and avoid using slang, jargon or inappropriate words. Convey messages clearly, concisely and to the point. Avoid using sentences that are too long or complicated. Use correct grammar and check spelling before sending emails. For professional emails, such as business emails, pay attention to using grammatically appropriate sentences. If you use Indonesian, of course you have to pay attention to the General Guidelines for Indonesian Spelling.

Before sending an email, always double-check the contents of the email. Check spelling, grammar, and make sure your message is fit for purpose and in the desired tone. Also pay attention to who the email is addressed to.

Use a Clear Paragraph Structure


Use short, clear paragraphs to divide the EO Leads email into easy-to-read sections. Begin the email with an appropriate greeting, depending on your relationship with the recipient. For formal situations, use a greeting such as “Mr/Ms” followed by the recipient’s name. If you have a more intimate or informal relationship with the recipient, you can use a greeting such as “Hello” or “Hi” followed by the recipient’s name.

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