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Finally click on the “Add New Category” button. creating a wordpress blog 2. To make your first blog post, go to the left menu in the WordPress administration panel and select “Posts” from there and click “Add New”. the category “Blog” to your post on the right. Your first post is now done, but your blog can’t be found on your home page yet. 3. You can already add new pages to the menu. wordpress blogging Website optimization is easy with WordPress! Now I will talk a little about the basic optimization options offere by WordPress and how to customize your page to your liking. Homepage title and “tagline.

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The page titles of your website are very important from the point of view of search engine optimization. Your page title is the first thing that your page visitor whatsapp mobile number list knows where they have lande. The title of your page is important to search engines (Google), because it is one of the elements according to which the search system displays your create page for search keywords. your website more attractive to search engines in another post, because Google, for example, has 200 so-calle “ranking factor” , which it takes into account when visiting your website with its robots. Each page of your website should have a unique name.

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That contains keywords relate to your business. For example, relate to construction. The name of your domain is To add a “tagline” and a EO Leads title  to your page, again go to the “Settings” link in the left menu of the WordPress admin panel and select “General”. Image for clarification. wp homepage title WordPress now adds this “tagline” to the end of the header of every single page of your website.

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