Don’t look for opportunities make them find you

The can I do to create an effective personal brand and digital reputation for my professional career? 3 How do I choose the sectors and professions with the most present and future in this context of global and permanent change? Are there really that many jobs for community managers. Social media professionals ‘in general’ or is it just another bubble? Look for What conventional professions could have more development in digital and social media environments? 6 And what formal and informal resources can I use to learn and practice the necessary competencies and skills? How can I go from worker to professional, from employee to entrepreneur, relying on the Internet and social networks?

Look for Networking is not handing out cards

Therefore, To set up your initiative with support on the company data Internet. You need a MAC strategy: ‘models, friends and clients’. From the advice, you can’t do it alone, with friends, yes” we have moved on to “learn from teachers, ask for support from professionals. Therefore, The two biggest advantages of the Social Web are transparency and connectivity. The leading people and companies in the field that interests you are showing on the networks how they do it and it is very easy to contact them. Those who say that social networks are useless may be referring to their own social network.

It is no longer enough that they find you

Social networks make you more visible EO Leads but not more interesting or more useful in the sector where you want to stand out. Generating a brand involves having your own professional spaces such as your blog, your website, your Flickr account or your online store, but also content that allows you to digitally furnish these spaces and make them attractive. How to manage content effectively? How to make them want to follow you?

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