Ethics Guide to Sending Emails Professionally

In an increasingly digitally connected  the use of e-mail as a communication tool is critical. However, despite the speed and convenience that email offers, it is important that we respect of sending it. Therefore, it is important to understand the ethical guidelines for sending emails in a professional manner. Sending emails in a ethical manner is key to maintaining a professional reputation and building good relationships with colleagues, clients and business partners. In this article, we’ll provide professional email etiquette guidelines to help you convey your message precisely, clearly, and respectfully to the recipient.

Guidelines for Good E-mail Etiquette

CC is used to send a copy of the email to Denmark Phone Number List additional recipients who are not the primary recipient. Recipients listed in the CC section can see that the email was sent to them as well as to the primary recipient. BCCs are also used to send copies of emails to additional recipients, but they are not visible to the primary recipient or other recipients. Recipients listed in the BCC cannot see that the email was also sent to the primary or other recipients.

Before sending an email, always double-check the contents of the email. Check spelling, grammar, and make sure your message is fit for purpose and in the desired tone. Also pay attention to who the email is addressed to and make sure the recipient’s email address is correct.

Write in Formal and Straightforward Language


The second guide to good email etiquette is the  EO Leads use of language. Use professional language and avoid using slang, jargon or inappropriate words. Convey messages clearly, concisely and to the point. Avoid using sentences that are too long or complicated. Use correct grammar and check spelling before sending emails. For professional emails, such as business emails, pay attention to using grammatically appropriate sentences. If you use Indonesian, of course you have to pay attention to the General Guidelines for Indonesian Spelling. 

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