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How can we understand that events of this nature can still be happening? How many Paulinas travel through the different places in Peru, especially in our Amazon? “Interior L” is one of our author’s oldest stories; However, the topic discuss becomes valid in the face of a cruel reality that still surrounds many women . In the game of narrative everything is possible, as the author himself suggests when he says in The Game of Narration : The moment we turn any situation in life into a game, we subordinate reality, already amorphous, to the rules of the game. Consequently, the game model is useful to understand the mechanisms relat to the act of creation.

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The world has chang. And in recent years much more. One of the events that has given a very particular importance to our historical horizon is b2b email list the emergence of new information and communication technologies (ICT) . The fact of being able to create information, manage it and distribute it very quickly, at low cost and send it to any part of the world has been possible thanks to the miniaturization of data and the use of optical fiber for its transmission. This is, in essence, what has been achiev thanks to the use of digital technology. Now, as Nicholas Negroponte said in his famous book

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The Digital World – publish in 1995, and an important reference in the dissemination of this revolutionary technology – information no longer circulates in the form of atoms, but is a flow of bits ( bit is a contraction of the English expression binary digit , that is, binary digit: one of the two elements that is part of that chain of ones and zeros EO Leads to which the data is ruc for transmission). Well, the university, an almost millenary institution (remember that the first university, the University of Bologna, was found in the year 1088), and a fundamental means of disseminating culture in our societies, could not be immune to these transcendental changes.

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