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For years an idea has been around: with ucation development will be achiev . So, what type of ucation has been receiv in the last 50 years, when access to quality ucation has been far from the population? In September 2015, the World ucation Forum was held in the city of Incheon, South Korea. There, a milestone was establish for ucation by 2030. This event reaffirm the vision and political will to make efforts for quality ucation for all (UNESCO, 2015, page 1). Likewise, goals relat to sustainable development and a new vision of ucation were establish. Following this line of analysis, and taking the 4 SDG as a reference, it is about guaranteeing inclusive, equitable, quality ucation, and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all. In recent years, governments such as those of Mexico,

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Chile, Argentina and Peru proclaim tax ucational policies that serv as palliatives. In Latin American and Caribbean countries, these ucational policies have been aim at infertile training and teacher remuneration policies, as if the increase in teachers’ salaries or the reforms in the categorization business database of their professionalism (some of a punitive nature) improv by themselves. ucational systems. Quality ucation involves the necessary efforts of relevant actors, such as UNESCO; However, these implementations have been elite economic organizations (IMF or WB), lacking relevance in ucation. In 2006, the World

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Bank publish the report “For quality ucation for Peru: standards, accountability and capacity building.” Measures to break the deadlock were identifi in addition to providing comparisons of international ucational spending. As we approach the Bicentennial of Independence, how far have we advanc in the development of these ucational policies and how will we establish the goals for 2030? In many countries EO Leads in the region, child labor is consider the basis for the economic growth of the family. As in Colombia, in Peru child labor has been consider a setback in the lives of these children.

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