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 In addition, you are provided with two official plug-ins to make your task easier: the official registration form: simply use a short code to integrate any form and pop-up window into your website. –: Integrate your e-commerce with and be able to send transaction emails I will explain this in the next section. Transaction email A transaction email is an email that is associated with a specific action that a user can perform on our website: subscribing to the newsletter, making a purchase in our e-commerce, subscribing to membership, resetting a password, creating an account, etc.

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 For ease of understanding, they are “ confirm your subscription ”, “ access your account ”, “ change your password ” or “ purchase confirm ” type   special data  automatic “ email, to name a few examples. You can then integrate your website and configure the sending of such emails, which is necessary depending on your business type. Segmentation segmentation allows you to create custom filters for users who meet one or more conditions.

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 For example, you can create a segment in this way, i.e. a Spanish user who has not opened my email in the past days by “ or a user who has clicked on a specific email   EO Leads  but has not purchased a product by ”. Do you see the potential? Therefore, the sub-category is divided into: by interest( label): User tag is one of the best options that email marketing and automation tools can have. As a result,

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