Google Analytics Tracking Mistakes and How to

If you saw this traffic drop in your Google Analytics account… …then you’d probably want to prioritize improving SEO for that page. But what if this data is flawed? There’s a high risk of making bad decisions if you’re blindly relying on the data that you see in . You know the saying: garbage in, garbage out. This guide will help you minimize data skewing factors by fixing these mistakes: This sounds trivial, but it’s a common problem—especially on sites that use more than one CMS. The good news is that  has missing code notifications built-in. The bad news is that it’s slow, and may take weeks to alert you about pages with missing code.

It also doesn’t tell

You about duplicate codes, which is another common problem. For that reason, it’s best not to rely on Google’s notifications. And instead crawl your site for errors executive email list with a tool that allows custom extraction. Here’s how to set up a crawl with custom extraction in. Screaming Frog to scrape both Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics codes. Having things like purchases, form submissions, or video plays set up as interaction events makes sense. They’re important for your business, so the fact that they’re not counted as bounces—even when the visitor only views one page—is fine. But if you’re using interaction events for tracking events that fire automatically on each page, like scroll depth tracking, that’ll result in close-to-zero bounce rates across your whole website—which isn’t good.

You can easily spot

These issues by looking for unrealistically low bounce rates in GA. If you suspect interaction events as the culprit, change the event’s “Non-interaction hit” setting from EO Leads false to true in Google Tag Manager. Note that it’s enough to check this only for your main analytics view. There’s no need to do this your whole website—which isn’t good. for the raw or testing views. 6. Tracking spam referrals Popular websites attract spammy links. It’s just how things are. Most of these are negligible and bring zero referral traffic, but some can send thousands of spammy referrals every day.

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