How to Remote VPS Hosting Via SSH

Remote VPS can be done via SSH access to the server. Basically, remote VPS via SSH is the same as accessing SSH to hosting. If you are a user of the Linux operating system, you can use the Terminal. Meanwhile, if you are a Windows user, you can use a software called Putty. Remote VPS is very useful if you are a person who likes to make configuration changes and settings on a virtual server, according to website needs. As with your own server, you can install it at will. Seeing such a powerful function, are you still not interested? Then, how do you do remote VPS?

How to Remote VPS

There are two ways to remote VPS using SSH. As Russia Phone Number List described above, if you use Linux, you can use the Linux Terminal. Meanwhile, if you are a Windows user, the Putty software can be an option. Next, we will explain how to do a remote VPS using the two software’s. The terminal is often referred to as or shell. Working using the command line is not a difficult job. There is no need for advanced programming knowledge or skills to complete tasks using this command line. You just have to be a little careful when doing it.

Likewise, the remote VPS method is very doable. You only need a Linux terminal or console that has OpenSSH installed, has adequate internet access and a VPS IP address, you can do remote VPS from anywhere and anytime. Some of the things you have to prepare include.

Using Putty software


You can also do remote VPS via SSH with access  EO Leads rights as root. The method is almost the same, simply by writing SSH root@[IP Address VPS]. Please remember that these are the highest access rights. So make sure you do it very carefully and thoroughly.

For those of you using the Windows operating system, you don’t need to worry. You can still do remote VPS via SSH using a software called Putty. Overview of Putty. Putty is an open source application that makes use of the SSH network protocol as well as Telnet. Putty makes use of this protocol to enable sessions on computers.

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