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How to set account the customer feel safe. Read more in the article.Qualify new business contacts with progressive profiling . Being able to contact decision-makers. The fourth challenge, reporte by % of respondents, concerns the sales process. When it is difficult to move from the person who had the first contact with the company.The influencer, to the actual decision maker, there is a nee to review the questions to ask during.The sales process that serve to involve customers responsible for purchasing decisions. sales-b b-decision-maker . For example, if you are in contact with a manager in charge of searching.

Only respond to relevant queries 

For a new partner and he tells you that the final decision will be made by the CEO.You will nee to make sure to involve the CEO in the next wedding photo editing service meeting or phone call. If the manager resists, wait until the CEO is ready to intervene in the purchasing process. In fact, it is unlikely that the decision will be made without direct contact with the real decision maker. To overcome this obstacle, try to explain as soon as possible how important and strategic. The CEO’s presence is at the next meeting. As soon as the manager understands that his company will be safer, faster and more productive.

Check the media outlet’s domain rating 

He will not hesitate to follow your advice, if nothing else, even just to make a good impression on his manager. Don’t be afraid to postpone a meeting or cancel it until the decision maker’s presence is confirme. The potential customer, shocke by this refusal, will want to know the reason and will agree to involve the CEO . Avoid price wars In fifth place is a challenge share by % of the people involve in the survey, probably the simplest to solve. The low bidding war EO Leads can simply disappear if you are able to position your proposal in the right way. If the prospect has understood the value, he can still ask for a discount.

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