If photoshop is set up correctly

 At this point. Move the cursor to the bottom left and hold down the mouse in the area indicat  in the image. You will see. In addition to width and height in pixels. Also width and height in cm. Change-units-of-measurement-in-photoshop 2) a seemingly simple operation to see how large you can print a photo from photoshop is to go to the view>print size menu . At this point. If photoshop is set up correctly. You will see the actual print size of the photo on your monitor! But what does it mean… if photoshop is set up correctly? What parameters does photoshop ne  to know to let me see the actual print dimensions of my photo on the monitor? View-print-size print size in photoshop: set the preview you brought up the rulers in photoshop using the cmd/ctrl+r shortcut    right-click  the rulers to centimeters. And went to the view>print size menu to see how large the photo you want to print is.

It will be your job to tell photoshop

 However. You are realizing that the centimeters you see in the ruler do country email list not correspond to the centimeters in the ruler you have on your desk. Why don’t photoshop ‘s centimeters correspond to reality? Simple: photoshop ignores your monitor resolution. It will be your job to tell photoshop how many pixels your monitor has so that one pixel in photoshop corresponds to one pixel in your photo. How do i know the resolution of my monitor? To find out the resolution of your monitor and communicate it to photoshop you can look at the specifications of your monitor on the package (or on the specifications you find online for your model)   or use the site: dpi.


Once you know the resolution

This site contains a list of known monitors EO Leads and resolutions; alternatively you can have it automatically detect  by the site. Usually the most common resolutions range from 96 ppi and up. Dpilv how do i tell photoshop my monitor resolution? Once you know the resolution of your monitor. Copy the numerical value and enter it in photoshop preferences with the shortcut ctrl/cmd+k in the section call  ” units of measurement and rulers ”   in the ” monitor resolution ” field. Set-monitor-resolution-in-photoshop now. If you go back to the view>print size menu you will see how the centimeters of the photoshop ruler correspond to the centimeters in the real world.


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