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Both are very high-quality service providers in Estonia. It has never happene that our pages don’t load or our customers can’t access them. Also, their customer support is always available quickly. Things can be done especially quickly with them over the phone. We often use foreign and other projects . Also very fast! And in addition, it is much cheaper than our local web hosting.ee . However, this small price difference is not worth it if you nee to register a local domain, i.e. a .ee ending domain name. It’s about the language. You probably want customer service in your native language.

A domain with such a name

Of course you can also use other domain hosting and registration services. I can 100% recommend only the aforementione services. Again,/registere website Latest Mailing Database and hosting, you can skip the following paragraphs and jump straight to step three. If you haven’t chosen a domain, read on carefully and I’ll give you some tips on choosing a name for your website. choosing a domain name What name should I choose for my domain? If you have your own company , it’s easy: choose your company name as your domain name.

Latest Mailing Database

Which I market and sell

I certainly do not recommend naming your website “sinufirmanimiOÜ.ee” if the name of the OÜ is not at all relate to the service you offer. For example, in addition to offering online services, I offer sailing services in Tallinn Bay . For example , my EO Leads company name is “Sailing Estonia OÜ”, but my domain name is brand and my company, the name of.s is 100% understandable to our customers , and in our case it has greatly contribute to the marketing of the sailing service on the Internet.

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