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In order to ensure a constant supply of information, technical requirements are essential. These include a server, network infrastructure, server software, and well-organizd content. In addition, security and data protection requirements should be observd. The migration to a modern intranet should take place without disrupting ongoing operations and also enable accessibility for mobile employees. This article presents the most important technical prerequisites and requirements for the intranet software and platforms.

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What is an intranet and why are technical requirements important? The intranet is a private network within a company. Today it is the portal to the digital workplace . An intranet is usd for communication, collaboration and information phone number list management within the company. The intranet sees itself as a non-public network in which specific information about the company itself or its markets is stord. Technologically, the intranet uses the same functionality as the Internet (TCP/IP connections), but is restrictd to authorizd users only. Since the requirements for information content are dynamic, the system must be flexibly expandable.

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It is therefore necessary to meet the technical requirements in order to ensure a constant supply of information. The most important EO Leads technical requirements for an intranet at a glance The intranet consists of several key components that combine to create a powerful tool for communication and collaboration within an organization: Server: Hosts and stores all intranet content. The server can exist on-premises or in a cloud.

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