In our photoshop courses we explore in detail

 Conclusions resizing and resampling are simple operations if the difference between the two is clear; understanding what ppi (and dpi) are helps you do these operations more effectively. In our photoshop courses we explore in detail all the practices relat  to printing files from photoshop    such as: color management and softproofing for impeccable color rendering in print. Object isolation with automatic functions (4 hours) automation: csv data processing and templater rig pro scripts (8 hours) character rigging and character animation: duik script and character animator (24 hours) shape layer for morphing : using layers to create transformations (24 hours) kinetic typography for character animation: graphic and motion text design (24 hours) scribble technique : scribble effect on the overlay video (12 hours) a.


Indesign and many other programs

 Pdf files now have very widespread use email List and are us  by almost everyone. Even by those who do not work in the world of graphics and/or printing. Nowadays even those who write know what a pdf is (or rather. They use it but most of the time they don’t really know what it is). What is pdf pdf stands for portable document format and is a graphic format creat  and develop  in the early nineties by adobe. The famous software house of photoshop. Illustrator. Indesign and many other programs. This file format (.


Pdf can therefore be us in various

 Pdf) has the characteristic of being able to EO Leads contain within it (and therefore in a single file) one or more pages containing: fonts (therefore text)   raster and vector graphics (therefore images and drawings)   profiles icc color    multim ia elements (audio and video) and much other information. In practice it is a sort of “super format” that can contain many types. Of elements and information where is portable document format us ? Thanks to its special characteristics. Pdf can therefore be us  in various areas and below we mention some of them: creation of text documents.


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