Innovate Customer Service With Facebook Messenger

 Innovate customer service with facebook messenger customer care. Marketing messages and chats are the future of customer care. Customer support with facebook messenger is an innovative customer care service. Which represents the evolution of customer service. It is a fast. Interactive service that puts customers and companies in direct contact.  And establishes a dialogue. Unfortunately. There are still few companies that provide customer support with.  Facebook messenger or other digital platforms such as whatsapp. Facebook or twitter. Many are still stuck at the fax. Toll-free number or email. Which although still valid. Also have many disadvantages. 

Having an effective customer care service is a priority

Let’s just think about the fax: who has a fax at home today? At most he could have an office! And what about toll-free numbers. Which force customers to wait on the phone for hours while waiting for an operator to speak? Having an effective customer care service is latest database a priority having competent.  And reliable customer service is a priority for any company! Customers have become more demanding and less patient. They are always in a hurry and don’t like to waste time. The company that supports its customers in the best possible way will be able to gain in web reputation. Will be able to attract new customers and retain those already acquire. 

The time factor is important for customers

On the contrary. However. The company that has inefficient customer care will face a lot of trouble! One negative feeback or one negative review is enough to tarnish the brand name and suffer losses! The potential of facebook messenger for . Businesses messanger’s efficiency . Has slowly convince many companies to use it for  customer support! According to some nielsen and facebook iq research: contact with a company’s. . Customer support most EO Leads frequently occurs online millennials .  Especially use online channels the support request is mainly . Sent via mobile there are approximately 2 billion messages that . Customers and companies exchange today! 

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