Know What and Explanation of Its Structure

When you browse with Google, you must have been asked to enter a URL, right? You must also be familiar with YouTube URLs or Instagram URLs. Well, so actually, what is a URL? Does URL mean website address? It ‘s not wrong , but it’s still not right. In this article, we will invite you to get to know URLs starting from their functions, types, and structure. Make sure you don’t miss the discussion until it’s finished, OK? Come on, let’s go to the discussion below!

What are URL paths

Usually this section is also called Path to Netherlands Phone Number List resource . The path is located after the domain name, immediately after the domain extension, and is delimited by a slash symbol. This is the folder structure found on a website. Path serves to provide additional information in the form of the specific location of the file that wants to search for . This section usually redirects to a specific page, file, or post. In a URL, you can find not only one path. The more specific the destination is, the more paths to resources are included. In writing, multiple paths will be separated by a slash symbol.

In the next sequence, the protocol is followed by  


Generally you find a lot of WWW subdomains on EO Leads the internet. This subdomain indicates that a web page is available for access with the internet using the HTTP protocol to communicate.

However, actually the website host or owner is free to use any words in this section. Some website users use subdomains that indicate special directories such as and others. The next section is. This is the name of the destination website address. The domain name contains the website name and the domain extension used. One website can only have one name and domain extension. This is because the domain name represents the IP address to the website server.

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