Like this you know how to sync VPS to Cloud flare

Security, aka security is one issue that is always relevant to be discussed. Attacks such as spam and DDOS are latent dangers that always haunt. One way to improve security performance is. Cloud flare is one of many content delivery networks that functions to protect servers from DDOS and spam threats. Not only contributing to the security sector, using Cloud flare also makes be faster with the caching feature it has. That’s why many website owners use this service. One of them is a VPS user. For you VPS users, you don’t need to worry. You can use Cloud flare by first syncing. Then the question is, how do you sync VPS to Cloud flare? Here’s how.

Get cloud flare nameservers After selecting the

Cloud flare package, you will then be redirected Iceland Phone Number List to the approval page to get nameservers from Cloud flare. Immediately click Continue and wait a moment for the nameservers from Cloud flare to appear. This nameserver will later be included in the VPS sync configuration to Cloud flare. When finished, please click Continue and then you will be directed to the Cloud flare dashboard page. What should be noted, each customer can have different nameservers. For that, make sure the nameservers match those on your Cloud flare dashboard.

Changing the Nameservers in the Client Area


The next step is to change your nameservers. You EO Leads can change the nameservers to your liking. There are two three types of nameservers that you can choose from. These include default nameservers, I webhost nameservers and custom nameservers. The bottom line is that you have to point the domain to the nameservers belonging to Cloud flare that you got earlier. When finished, please click Change Nameservers. Wait a few moments until the propagation period ends. The propagation period is the time it takes for a domain to connect to the hosting server. The time period itself varies, generally it lasts 1×24 hours. But sometimes it can also reach 1×48 hours, depending on the internet service provider you use.

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