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International business is not macromarketing, but only an extension of micromarketing to wider markets (extending the scope of the market does not make it macromarketing).” Micromarketing is also associate with several concepts. It often uses strategies use in target marketing, with one difference. In the case of target marketing, what matters is reaching a specific segment of customers in a given market. Micromarketing, on the other hand, focuses even on a single customer. For this purpose, it uses advance analytical tools and personalization, which is especially practical in the digital reality.

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We recommend B2B marketing – what is it? O n-line micromarketing thanks to Big Data Since its beginnings, micromarketing has been base on reaching specific groups of recipients directly. In the past, it was quite difficult, because it require phone number list the use of many different techniques and tools, often difficult to access for the average recipient. The Internet has greatly simplifie this task. It is micromarketing that allows Google Ads or Facebook ads to reach many different groups of customers who use one portal. Big Data tools allow you to collect and analyze advance customer data that was previously available only to the largest corporations investing millions in market research and sales support.

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However, even they were not able to obtain real-time data and learn about customer habits as thoroughly as the basic tools offere by social meia allow . To obtain Big Data for micromarketing, we also use other analytical tools, such as EO Leads Google Analitycs, keyword comparison engines or our own diagnostic tools. Divante – we advise the brand in the area of ​​employer branding January 28, 2021 Employer branding is today an extremely important area in the organization’s strategy. Properly planne and implemente, it helps companies recruit better candidates, and thus – reuce employment and marketing costs and increase productivity. The Divante brand also knows this.

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