Often Makes Errors What is a Bug How to handle it

Surely you are familiar with the word bug , right? In various gadget discussions, bugs are often referred to as the cause of system errors and damage. So what are bugs? Is the bug only on cellphones? Hmm actually, bugs are also quite well known by programmers, you know. Within the scope of software development , bugs are also known to often interfere with the process of running a software. What do you think causes many people to feel irritated by the presence of bugs? Then, where do bugs come from? To be able to answer it, let’s look at the following review!

 Use the Bug Bounty Program

Bug is an English word that means small insect. That’s about Greece Phone Number List what is meant by a bug . The term bug means small-scale technical damage that disrupts the running process of a program. Initially, this term originated from the experience of a technician named Grace Hopper. When Grace was developing computer technology, she encountered obstacles and said that one of the causes of her project’s failure was the presence of bugs or insects in computer components. Since then, the term bug has been used to describe technical glitches in a computer system. Until now, the term bug is still being used to describe various technical defects in the field of software development. The presence of a bug prevents the application from functioning normally.

Building a Good Communication Pattern


In all jobs, especially software development , EO Leads communication is important. To develop a program smoothly requires good communication from all parties involved. This is so that every member who finds a problem can report it so that the problem does not interfere with software developmentAs discussed in the review of what is a bug above, skipping or speeding up the testing process risks causing bugs in the system. We recommend implementing two phases of testing: alpha and beta testing. The first trials focused on the program’s functionality and were conducted early in development. Meanwhile, the second phase was carried out to test the program and prepare it for use.

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