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This is how a webinar works, a basic but necessary introduction before launching into creating webinars. Webinars or webinars are a great way to increase your influence online and create an audience loyal to your brand . They are also a great way to make money if you are an entrepreneur. Let’s see how to create a webinar and the points to take into account. Post contents [ Hide ] How to make a webinar from scratch in 14 key steps Infographic with the steps to create a webinar Conclusion on how to create a free webinar How to make a webinar from scratch in 14 key steps Set a goal: What do you want to achieve? What will be the purpose of your webinar.

Choose a topic to discuss professional life

Identify your target audience and potential clients. Use a professional tool: one that offers you a registration URL for the event. Select a topic that interests you and that is attractive to your audience. Create a script: that explains the main points of your webinar. Create a webinar landing page: to detail event information and follow-up. Prepare a strategic recruitment and promotion executive data campaign: so that your webinar has the desired attendance. Announce the date of the webinar: You should tell people when and where the event will take place. Offer an incentive: Consider offering some type of bonus or incentive to those who sign up early. plan and create a script about the most important points to be developed in the event. 

Create a webinar structure:

The impact that the seminar had, to see the results and detect possible improvements. The key points that I recommend you make to do a webinar are: 1- Set a goal : What do you want EO Leads to achieve? What will be its purpose? It is the first thing you must be clear about, for each action there must be an objective behind it, therefore, having a clear objective is essential. 2- Do a study : Identify your target audience and potential clients on the topic you are going to discuss, study what their objections are, their pain points, how you can help them.

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