Reviewing all the projects I’m working on right now

For you it’s Monday but for me it’s Friday (I write Monday’s posts on Friday). The best day of the week because I have little work with client projects and I focus almost 100% on my own. To give you an idea of ​​what we are working on in parallel (and so am I), I will briefly summarize the projects I am carrying out and the intensity with which I am pushing them right now.

Post contents [ Hide ] How to make a Reviewing all webinar from scratch in 14 key steps Infographic with the steps to create a webinar Conclusion on how to create a free webinar How to make a webinar from scratch in 14 key steps Set a goal: What do you want to achieve? What will be the purpose of your webinar.

Reviewing all Today 

Like every Friday, we have a team meeting again. The intensity right now is low and we are pushing less than necessary. Today we need to make some decisions to change executive email list course. The idea is to set up MarktMaat SL this year but for this we will also need greater turnover and more clients than what we are seeing right now. an audience loyal to your brand . They are also a great way to make money if you are an entrepreneur. Let’s see how to create a webinar and the points to take into account. 

Tool for investors

Tool for investors Here we have been a bit blocked in recent weeks by trying to document version 2.0 down to the smallest detail. I think it was a mistake. Last week I asked EO Leads to change to a more agile way of working. The intensity right now is low and we have to increase it. Investment in Lego It looks like we’re finally going to be able to buy Lego sets directly from Lego.

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