There is no single answer to this question

 It’s not a big deal. But when we work inside a graphics program like photoshop    or even illustrator    we work and think in terms of ppi. Difference-between-ppi-and-dpi how much ppi does it take to print a photo? There is no single answer to this question; the temptation to say “higher ppi equals higher quality” is rather approximate. You will surely have encounter  the values 72 ppi and 300 ppi on the internet (dpi units of measurement are often mistakenly us  with reference to these values. Which. However. As mention  above. Belong to output devices. Such as printers).


A short answer to this question is

 The values 72 ppi and 300 ppi are values arbitrarily chosen europe email list (and also indicat  in photoshop in the preferences panel) as references . The reason why we talk about these values is link  to the dawn of information technology. But this is not the place to talk about it. A short answer to this question is: anything above 150 ppi and below 300 ppi is a reasonably high value that ensures adequate printing results . If you use online printing services (such as vistaprint or moo) in the documents you will have to send them you will always be told how many ppi (sometimes dpi) you will have to send the file at.


In photoshop you will then

 So what happens if you find that your ppi is too EO Leads low or too high for printing? In photoshop you will then ne  to resample your photo and set the appropriate number of ppi. Let’s see how. Same-print-size-different-resolutionwhat does it mean to resample an image? You have notic  that your printing device does not have an adequate number of pixels per inch (ppi) and therefore the print may be of poor quality. How to increase (or decrease) the ppi of a photo? We talk about resampling when. Through different algorithms that photoshop uses. Photoshop increases or decreases the pixel density of a photo .


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