Through an mdm everything is simpler

 I can choose the users desktop background (for example the company logo) or enable restrictions on the device. All this without touching or seeing the device. This means that all devices. Including those for new employees in smart working or locat  in other offices. Will not have to pass through my hands but can be sent directly to the recipient    saving time and money. The configuration will be appli  automatically at startup. If you want to learn more about this feature. Visit our article apple zero-touch: your iphone is already ready for you .

Action times and maintenance

 Software and content management why switch to mobile device country email list management in companies it is complicat  to ensure that all devices have the operating system and applications updat  in the same version. Whether it is the most recent or not. In the smaller ones because there is usually no person in charge. In the larger ones because the number of devices is so vast that there is no time to complete the process and it will already be necessary to start all over again with other new updates. Through an mdm everything is simpler: i can perform or sch ule updates to operating systems and console applications i can check at any time which devices are not in line with the others and intervene remotely. Minimizing user downtime through grouping (by type. User role. Department or location) i can carry out mass operations    even on hundr s of devices. In just a few clicks in this way. The number of devices manag  by a single person or a small team can increase exponentially. Having a minimal impact (sometimes zero) on the effort requir . Action times and maintenance costs.


Some popular examples are

 Security and privacy it may happen that due to superficiality or EO Leads malicious intent. The use of company devices and the data within them may be put at risk . Thanks to mdm systems. The company will be able to raise its security barriers to prevent these events. Some popular examples are: rules for choosing the login password or access code automatic deletion of all data after a number of consecutive fail  login attempts maximum time of inactivity allow  before standby inhibition of data exchange with unauthoriz  devices forc  use of the company vpn activation and forc.  


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