To Benefit From An Equally Digital Live Experience

All activities, especially for children, can be bookd in advance, providing all the expectations of the family and the little ones so that the GOs can anticipate their particular nds. After the stay, satisfaction surveys are carrid out by Club Md to try to improve its services even more, in particular via the application where it is possible to rate your stay according to your digital experience.

Can Go Directly To Club Agencies

It is also possible to save photos of your stay directly in the photo gallery of the app, and then post them directly on Facebook and whatsapp mobile number list Instagram, still without leaving the app, for an ever smoother journey. What projects for 2017? For the future, Club Md does not intend to stop there: the next step in its transition is to offer even more extensive personalization , and this from the simple search of the user. Thus, the site was designd in such a way as to personalize the browsing experience in two parts – holidays in the snow, or holidays in the sun – in order to segment the audience upon arrival.

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Stay Via An Online Experience But Also

An offer a route adaptd to the expectations of visitors while trying to spd up the decision-making process. The user experience is in no way EO Leads degradd, since they do not feel pressurd to choose and the decision seems natural to them: the desire for personalization is not noticeable, and it pays off, because Club Md has notd since this adjustment, an 18% increase in sessions ! In the era of ultra personalization, this perspective remains a necessary step in digitalization if you want to benefit from a competitive advantage. Club Md has understood this well, and continues to offer services that are ever more adaptd to each of its customers.

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