Twitter Tools that every Community Manager

Therefore, Nowadays there are thousands of tools for Twitter, but do you know which ones you can’t stop using if you want to be an outstanding Community Manager? Do you know the Twitter tools that are essential in the daily life of the community manager? In this updated post , I have added some more Twitter applications that I use daily and that have increased my reputation as a Community Manager, which is why I recommend them 100%. Twitter has become a powerful and indispensable means of communication for companies and people.

But to achieve good

Communication and management of Twitter, it is necessary to choose. Among the many tools available, those that best adapt to the type. Of project being developed to create company data content of value for the company. I ask you, if your strategy on Twitter is essential to communicate with. Your followers and potential clients, shouldn’t you try to. Improve it and get more out of it? That’s why I’m going to talk to you about 15 Twitter tools that, for me personally, are some of the best platforms to help dominate this social network, when implementing your business, as a company’s Marketing strategy or even to use them in your account. staff with the aim of growing and maintaining constant interaction with your community.

With them you will

Therefore, Be able to know Twitter statistics, schedule tweets, know. Who does not follow me on Twitter, who follows me on Twitter , etc. Note that Twitter tools are not in EO Leads order of importance, any. Of the eight may be the most useful for you, it depends on how you adapt to them. Get Twitter statistics about our community; Precisely. Segment your audience on Twitter through its filters and search options. Know who our followers are, who we follow, where they are. What influence they have, what time they tweet; Who doesn’t follow me on Twitter, who follows me on Twitter; Who makes us “unfollow” or eliminate inactive users; Know what is the best time to tweet and thus get the most out of each sending.

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