With offset printing or even indigo printing

 (to replace print  ones) for office use. Legal use and with digital signature; creation of presentations (slides) also containing animations and multim ia. With offset printing elements such as audio and video; publication of documents on the internet    which. Can be transmitt /download /view  online. And which can be compress  to r uce their weight in case of sending/sharing with. Other people; possibility of printing the. Contents from the digital file sent/receiv  using a reader such as .adobe reader or other similar programs such as preview on mac; possibility of transmitting a document (single page like a flyer or multipage like a .


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Catalog or a book) to a printer for industrial production. With africa email list offset printing (or even indigo printing. Flexo. Rotogravure. Screen printing. Etc. ..). In the latter case it is very important to create the pdf correctly and carefully    taking care to insert all the useful information and adequately setting all the necessary settings. It is important to know that when the destination is print production. Our files must not contain multim ia elements. Scripts. Or other incompatible elements. Rather. It would be good and useful if it contain  high-resolution fonts and images in the right color mode.


Thanks to this setting it is possible

 Pantone colors or four-colour process? Creative graphics courses EO Leads in esperoto facilitate and facilitate this ne . A version of pdf optimiz  specifically for the world of printing has been creat whose name is.  The caus  by “unwant ” elements. Basically.  was design.  to ensure that superfluous data is not integrat     thus avoiding the risk of creating. problems and r ucing possible errors in the printing process; furthermore. Thanks to this setting it is possible to improve the color match in the colors of the print .


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