Collaboration Between Web Agencies and Smes

 Collaboration between web agencies and smes in digital marketing digital. Business. Marketing the digital transformation of smes is growing. Sme investments in digital marketing are growing. Small and meium-size businesses do digital marketing and . Are starting to invest in web marketing. Social meia marketing and mobile marketing. Entrepreneurs believe in modern marketing and want to experiment.  With it in addition to or instead of traditional marketing. They understood that digital is the only way to gain a competitive advantage. Improve productivity and offer customers a new customer experience. The digitalisation of smes also has its obstacles said in these terms it all seems very simple. In reality it is not all sunshine and rainbows.

The digitalisation of SMEs also has its obstacles

 There is involvement of smes in digital marketing. But there is also distrust among entrepreneurs towards . Costs and roi (return on investment). Digital skills are lacking . .W ithin companies : digital marketing is a world unknown to many . Entrepreneurs. With its strategies and technological platforms never use before. Often to get around the cost problem. Smes. Like other businesses. Entrust the work to new data digital marketing specialists. Who are not really such. They offer discounts and offer affordable rates. But they don’t have the promise skills and make them spend . Money unnecessarily to bring little or no results! How to solve the problem?

There are also complex activities such as online advertising

 Is it possible to bypass web agencies and do it yourself? “it is not essential to contact an agency. You can even do it yourself!”. This is also a very common mistake. Which is made too often and which EO Leads sooner or later pays off. The error arises from the fact that facebook. Twitter. Google adwords or facebook ads are free platforms. Accessible to all those in possession of a user and password. Many believe that once you have entere the various platforms. It is sufficient to tinker around a bit to get the hang of digital marketing. Unfortunately this is not the case! Many platforms are free and it is true that anyone can open a business page on facebook. Twitter.

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