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Data on the importance of When interacting with what he is observing. In other words, to evaluate a user’s experience when interacting with something, such as our interface. There has to be something to interact with this is what. The User Interface takes care of. It should be not that the UI, rather than focusing on the aesthetic part of our site, such as the colors, shapes and fonts that. We will use, the style that we will use. The images to include, etc., does so in the distribution of the elements that will make up our website where can we get the header.

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Where will we put the images? How much space will they photo editing servies take up. Once our interface is create. We will use the UX and the results of its checks to modify everything that is necessary. . IxDONTERACTION DESIGN The initials Axed refer to the term Interaction Design, whose translation into our language would be Interaction Design. We could say that the interaction design serves as. A connection between the User Experience and the User Interface, since it is the discipline in charge of specifying how the interactions Carri out when.

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Using a certain function, will be Carri out. It focuses on questions EO Leads such as, how do you go from one section to another hovering over it, clicking when a pop up window will appear? In short, it is the response that the interface will give to the actions perform by the user. Well plan, the combination of the User Experience, the User Interface and the Interaction Design, will ensure that the users of your page have a satisfactory experience when interacting with your website, which will translate into a longer time spent in.

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