The New Communication of Italian Municipalities

The new communication of italian municipalities political . Communication simplicity at the center of communication with citizens. How is the communication of italian municipalities on the web? In our humble opinion it is too institutional: the press releases . In fact. Are too flat and impersonal . The posts share online on facebook and twitter do not elicit many reactions. Because they evidently do not “Reach” the citizens. If you notice. All the municipalities in italy have a website. A fairly well-kept facebook and twitter page. They share a lot of content. They have many fans and followers. But they don’t receive the rain of comments. 

There is something wrong in terms of communication

Shares and likes that should be expecte.  From pages that have thousands of subscribers. There is something wrong in terms of communication something . Doesn’t add up: is it possible that the share posts don’t arouse interest? This is certainly not the case. It is new database more likely that the majority of fans and followers do not go beyond simply reading the posts. Because they do not feel involve. As if they were not touche by the topics covere. We are convince that there is a communication problem or rather non-communication. We nee to change tactics. 

Is the training course the solution to everything?

Tone of voice and propose content in a different way. To really be listene to! The intervention of . Communication experts is also urgently neee if we want to direct.  The communication EO Leads of italian municipalities in the right direction! The municipality is a public administration it’s true. The municipality is a public body. Which deals with “Public affairs” and the problems of citizens. The main interlocutors and the strictest judges. As a public body. It is right that the municipality uses a certain official language. But in its dialogue with citizens it must adapt to its interlocutors. 

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