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Tip: A blog can be one of the main channels for attracting new visitors to your website! Find out more . Email marketing metrics There are also values ​​are specific metrics for email marketing campaigns. These include message open rate and link click rate . The first metric shows whether the titles are attractive enough, while the second shows the effectiveness of the campaign itself. After all, the goal is for the sender to be interest in what you have to offer! Tip: How does Orgânica do E-mail Marketing? How to analyze Digital Marketing metrics? Before starting to analyze marketing metrics, it is important to think about which ones are really interesting for your business.

Digital Marketing and BI go hand in hand

To do this, evaluate your objectives and goals, and see which metrics will really help you measure your company’s progress: Digital Marketing values ​​are and BI go hand in hand! Once that’s done, it’s time to define the priority and frequency of each one. Unfortunately, many companies end up embracing the idea of ​​measuring all available metrics and end up not paying attention to the numbers that really matter. The result of this? Businesspeople new database who do not see the reality of the business transparently and end up being unable to optimize their strategies and improve the results achiev so far.

Without strategic planning can be a big problem

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Clinging to metrics that do not provide relevant data for your company is what we call vanity metrics. They may look nice, but they are not in-depth for your business nes. How to create a Digital Marketing plan? When investing in Digital Marketing strategies, it is essential to have a marketing plan , as carrying out the various Eo Leads actions that make up this methodology without strategic planning can be a big problem for your business — and for your pocket. However, there are three steps you should consider when creating your Digital Marketing plan . Check it out below.

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