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On one of my articles The legislation on Privacy, in the imagination of all of us, could be call “the great mystery”. When we all open a digital profile we sign contracts with rules that we don’t even read and our impulse is to click: ACCEPT – ACCEPT – ACCEPT. Because the important thing is to enter the platform and not know what you are signing up for. None of us would sign a contract on the street propos by a stranger, but the internet trusts us and we sign up to anything to take advantage of a free service.

Yes because everything

Seems free online and in social networks. In seo expate bd fact, we give up our personal and digital identity (profile photo, date of birth, place of birth, residence, tastes, desires. and digital identity , which is worth more than a free platform, without receiving anything in exchange ! Fortunately, the Court of Rome with an order dat December establish that not only can the judge order the removal of the images that the parents have publish online but also the payment of a sum of money in favor of their children.

The case that occur

Was that of a sixteen-year-old who EO Leads ask for protection against an “overly social” mother who post photos of him and comment on the web talking about him. The penalty for the mother was thousand euros. It is the first precent in Italy that dictates a strong principle of law to protect minors with financial compensation. There have already been numerous court decisions that have forc parents to deactivate their children’s Facebook profiles or remove photos publish on their social pages or even on their WhatsApp profile, but so far without a sanction. From now on, parents who publish photos or videos of minor children incur an offense.

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