Adding that little touch of fantasy when dressing

Adding that little touch of fantasy. When dressing our avatar may the spark of the attractiveness of. The virtual world by allowing us to fantasize about our “other self” psychoanalytic theory of jung theory of the archetype cit in gurn . So thanks to peris costumes for your example of innovation to peris digital digital tailoring of. The st century and thanks to jesús luque its chief technology officer for the novemr visit. Which has allow us to understand what the great challenges. Must like for the big companies. Decemr m dolores méndez aparicio applications manager.

How is the project going

At mutua madrileña phd in economics legal economic and social sciencesphigital.  The fusion between the physical and digital world phigital fusion between the physical and digital. World phigital emerges as a new term to describe. The combination between the physical and digital world in a business. It represents an important evolution in the customer mobile app development service experience and special attention as a brand strategy . Omnichannel describes both online and offline experiences to integrate the customer journey across multiple physical and digital touchpoints. But how can these two ways of contacting a brand be combin the brand must be prepar to adapt to.

 How do you do it

The new changes of an increasingly demanding and difficult-to-surprise customer. The phigital world allows the traditional to be merg with current technologies. What are phygital customer experiences online shopping has become a place of specificity and efficiency EO Leads where you can reach a greater number of consumers and increase sales. However physical stores continue to play a very important role in the customer experience as it allows them to create a relationship with the brand through more immersive interactive and exciting experiences. Phygital is about merging channels to attract customers through a more memorable experience.

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