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Than a single channel can offer the customer nes their nes to be satisfi in all channels and in an integrat way. Being able to communicate with the brand through the means that best suits you at that moment improves the customer experience . For example when a problem arises the customer can communicate through an online mium such as a chatbot or email and through an offline mium such as going to the physical store and obtaining information or solving their problem in a more personal way. Advantages of implementing a phigital model the consumer is key to the strategy : the combination of both modes physical and digital allows us to offer comprehensive attention to.

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The consumer offering everything they ne at the time they want. Show the entire catalog : brands have the option to offer all their products without the impiment of space restrictions in this way they can better understand or discover new consumer mobile app designs service preferences. Data collection : with the use of digital tools in the physical store customer data is collect that allows us to know their characteristics and consumption habits. Using technologies such as big data or artificial intelligence customers can be segment and profiles model to offer personaliz products and services.

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Improves customer experience : adapts to what the customer nes. Through the online store you avoid travel queues and crowds access personaliz offers and a wide catalog of products. If you choose to go to the physical store the experience is closer you will know EO Leads the product first-hand and you will be able to have a good impression of the brand according to other factors such as smell music atmosphere decoration feel of the products you see. What phygital strategies can you integrate into your business in order to combine the phigital strategy the following tools can be us: beacons

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