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The hype for BB buyers who inform themselves increasingly do so through the internet. Blogs and social networks and when they come into contact. With your seller they already have a very precise idea of ​​your product. The times when the company knew more than the customer are over, now. The customer is at the center of the conversation. In the article we will talk about: What is industrial marketing? Industrial marketing and consumer marketing compar Industrial Marketing. Why is it important? Industrial marketing: steps to implement the best strategy. The importance of the brand in industrial marketing. The website between notoriety and content marketing Industrial Blogging.

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An Underutiliz Content Marketing Tactic Cross mia multiplier Lead generation in industrial marketing. The alignment web designs and development service between marketing and sales for. A better return on investment industrial marketing trends to experiment with free-consultancy-industrial-marketing. What is industrial marketing? Let’s start from a small premise: by carrying out searches on Google, one of the most common answers to the question “What is industrial marketing?” leads to a definition of this type: “Industrial Marketing, or BB Marketing, deals with all those exchanges of goods and services that occur between organizations. The buyers, therefore, can be companies or public bodies

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That use the goods and services purchas to produce other goods and services to be transferr to third parties.” To an inexperienc eye, a definition of this type may seem exhaustive, but are we sure that this is really the case? We know well that marketing often becomes synonymous with business strategy, especially in a BB context in, positioning oneself and knowing one’s customer completely EO Leads become elements at the basis of competitive differentiation and company growth. For this reason, modern industrial marketing goes beyond and services to corporate customers. Marketing in the industrial sector means: Know your interlocutors and their nes in depth Learn about their problems and how the solutions and innovations you offer can help them solve those problems.

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