SEO on YouTube? Learn to position your videos

SEO for YouTube is not as simple as you think! To appear in the top positions of the search engine, it is not enough to just upload a video to your channel and give it a more or less catchy title. If we want to have a more prominent position than our competitors, we must also know how to optimize and enhance our SEO Positioning in the search engine better than others. There are many of us who tend to simplify and do not realize the importance of some small details that we usually overlook when wanting to improve our video marketing strategies .

Competition ranks

That is why today I ask myself: SEO on email database YouTube Do we really know how to work on the positioning of our videos? Regarding this issue, thinking of providing the most current and complete information possible on the subject, and helped by the data and videos that Álex Mateo originally provided us in his previous guest post, I have updated the content of this article. So, thinking about all those who are betting on video marketing, I have prepared a Guide to SEO on YouTube. And as it could not be otherwise,

Upload your video

This guide is accompanied by a large EO Leads number of very practical and educational video tutorials (ideal for beginners). As you may have already noticed, many professionals in the sector are changing eternal posts with thousands of words (which take several days to layout them) for simple video tutorials. But be careful, videos that are nothing simple, they record very good tutorials on Online Business, Marketing, Social Networks, etc. And why do they do it? Because this brings them excellent results in terms of positioning in Google, which really

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