Send large or large files by mail over the Internet

Send large If you normally work from home or from an office where you must share content with your clients or even with other department colleagues. The handicap of the weight of the files is always present. What’s more. He is the protagonist of more than one topic of conversation between both parties. 1. Inboxes are usually very limited And, for example, in the event that you decide to create a Gmail for your emails.  It allows us to attach documents of a maximum of up to 25 Mb. This capacity must be counted including text and attachments.

Some types PDFs

Outlook, in its full version, allows only email leads 10 MB. This limitation is due to the fact that these platforms. When exceeding a large percentage of your free space. Automatically suggest their own cloud storage alternatives , Send large such as using Google Drive for Gmail attachments and OneDrive for This is a very practical solution and, in fact, it is one of the possible solutions and the investment is practically “ridiculous”, but nevertheless you will have to pay for it.

Over the Internet

Download My Free Ebook on How EO Leads to Implement Content Strategies! 2. Large images The photographs we usually use today can be in RAW, JPG or PNG, among other formats. Current digital cameras take high-quality photographs, with large dimensions, so that the resolution is good. This multiplies their size and some take up to 6 or 7 Mb . Therefore, when more than 2 or 3 photographs are sent, the shipments must be divided into two or three emails, which disorganizes and slows down the procedure.

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