Adapt your business to the new European GDPR

Adapt your business, Will the GDPR be a European regulation applicable to all types of businesses worldwide? Precisely to resolve this and other doubts that are surely on your mind at the moment. I have decided to once again invite a specialist in these topics. This is Marina Brocca. Who in this guest post will tell us all the information you should have in your possession if you want this new European regulation or GDPR not to cause you too many headaches. I hope that this guide can be useful to you and that, if you have any questions.

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You can ask them in the job function email list comments, right at the end of the article. And you, are you prepared to adapt your website to the new law? In this guide, Marina will explain everything to you step by step and in detail… Let’s get to work! European Data Protection Regulation: adapt your business to the GDPR (case study and step-by-step roadmap) Learn How to Adapt Your Business to the GDPR: Practical Case and Roadmap Do you have a business? Do you process personal data? You are probably already aware that on May 25.

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The General Data Protection EO Leads Regulation (hereinafter, GDPR) will become mandatory. This regulation will apply to all professionals and companies, whether or not established in the European Union, that process personal data of people residing in Europe , replacing the current Organic Law on Data Protection (LOPD) of 1999. I have already explained to you recently how you should prepare your website for the RGPD in a previous post about the new Data Protection Law .  Right here, on José Facchin’s blog.

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